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Maryland Workers Compensation | Work Injury cases


Maryland Workers Compensation | Work Injury cases


Maryland Workers Compensation | Work Injury cases



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Harold B. “Hal” Murnane III is the founding and senior partner of Murnane and O’neill a well respected and established law firm with offices located in Glen Burnie, Maryland, where he has conducted his practice for over 25 years. He prides himselves in handling legal matters with an aggressive, professional, yet personal touch.

Protecting your rights and securing your recoveries are responsibilities that Mr. Murnane takes very seriously. It takes a blend of highly skilled trial practitioners, experienced negotiators and practical tacticians to achieve maximum results. We have the skill, experience and know-how to accomplish your goals.




    Rebecca S.,  Pasadena, Maryland
    Personal Injury - Slip & Fall

    My slip and fall case looked bleak. However, Mr. Murnane got the shopping center manager to admit, in his deposition, that they had no snow or ice removal plan in effect.   They then caved in with a six figure settlement.


    David T.,  Brooklyn Park, Maryland
    Personal Injury - Auto Accident

    The other driver tried to lie and say he had the green light, but Mr. Murnane found the key witness to support my side. I got all the insurance money to pay my bills and my lost wages, and to get compensated for my pain and suffering. 

    Ron K., Baltimore, Maryland
    Personal Injury - Auto Accident - Workers Compensation

    While on the job, my vehicle was struck in the rear while stopped in traffic.   My lawyer, Hal Murnane, saw to the payment of all my medical expenses related to my multiple surgeries.   I also recovered permanent disability benefits with my workers’ compensation claim and a substantial six figure recovery against the at-fault driver.

    Margaret G., Centreville, Maryland
    Personal Injury - Auto Accident

    My first automobile accident, as a young driver, was a head-on collision, when the other driver crossed the center line.    I was scared to death.   Mr. Murnane convinced the Judge to award me damages for both pre-impact and post-impact fright.

    John K., Baltimore, Maryland
    Personal Injury - Workers Compensation

    I was injured on the job while making a delivery out of state at the store of a large retailer. Their forklift driver dumped lumber on me, causing me serious injury.   Hal Murnane recovered temporary and permanent disability benefits and caused the third-party store to pay me over a half million dollars.  

    Andrew D., Glen Burnie, Maryland
    Personal Injury - Auto Accident

    My lawyer found insurance coverage that was not revealed.   He battled several large insurance companies to make full recovery for my injuries and to create a lifetime annuity for me.    He would not quit.

    Olenda P., Baltimore, Maryland
    Personal Injury - Auto Accident

    The tractor trailer insurance company would not pay me for my life-changing injury.    Mr. Murnane made the jury feel my pain. I recovered almost a Million Dollars. 

    Jeff S., Severna Park, Maryland
    Personal Injury - Auto Accident

    Hal Murnane strong-armed the other driver’s insurance company to pay me for permanent injury when he threatened them with a lawsuit to address their bad faith.

    John D.,  Pasadena, Maryland
    Personal Injury - Auto Accident

    My son and I suffered terrible, catastrophic injuries, when we each lost a leg. Mr. Murnane spent months recovering all of the insurance money available and helped arrange our care.    We were grateful that he did all of this free of charge.  

    Andrew L. Silver Spring, Maryland
    Personal Injury – Pedestrian - Auto Accident

    I was struck by an automobile while jogging through a crosswalk.   They tried to blame me. However, Mr. Murnane filed suit and recovered compensation for my permanent injury.

    Jennifer S., Ellicott City, Maryland
    Personal Injury - Auto Accident

    Mr. Murnane convinced the insurance company to submit to binding arbitration.   He was able to convince the Judge that my accident did not happen as a result of an act of God, but because of the negligence of the other driver.    The $675,000.00 arbitration award helped ease the pain of my permanent spinal condition.

    Susan H., Glen Burnie, Maryland
    Personal Injury - Slip & Fall

    My foot got caught on the lip of a defective sidewalk when leaving the fast food restaurant.   They tried to blame me, but Mr. Murnane would have no part of that.   I got paid for my expenses and the permanent condition from my badly fractured arm.





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